The Society ACADEMIA ANALITICA is considering research topics in the fields of science, logic, and analytic philosophy. The society links young researchers and experts who are engaged in scientific investigations in logic, philosophy, mathematics, informatics, and others analytical and deductive sciences. The society organizes scientific conferences and publishes the results of scientific works of its members. The Society publishes two journals: The Logical Foresight-Journal for Logic and Science (in English) and SOPHOS- young researchers’ journal (in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian). The Society publishes the books of its members in the ”Analitica” library.


The main objective of the Society ACADEMIA ANALITICA is the development of logic as a philosophical discipline, as a methodological base of modern sciences (natural and social), and as a rational language of modern society (knowledge-based society). The final goal is the development of deductive methods and its practical application in the field of social ontology. The scope of intensification of the scientific and research work focused on the study, development and application of logical methods, procedures, and techniques, is to provide the advancement of understanding of the structure of scientific thought and critical argumentation.


The study of monotonic or two-valued logic, fuzzy logic, modal logic, experts systems, cognitive sciences, connectionistic theories, artificial intelligence, artificial languages, and artificial neural nets, could be helpful in education of the young generations of students and researchers to form a more clear understanding of scientific ground of information and communications technologies which are progressively change, develop and constantly improve. Connecting younger researchers with experts in different fields of science through scientific projects open a possibilities for making a new forms of scientific and research work in Bosnia and Herzegovina compatible with the forms of work on the institutes and universities in countries of EU and the worldwide (scientific incubators, networks of excellence, integrated projects, centers of excellence, and so.)


The development of logic and analytic philosophy has as goal in strengthening the understanding of the knowledge-based society, understanding of objectives and instruments for realization of the ambient of intelligence space designed by new information and communications technologies. The understanding of the logical structure of thought and practical activities, analytical approach to formal and informal argumentation, provides the capacity to individuals and to social groups to understand the logical structure of social relations, social institutions, and institutional facts, meaning of status functions and legal procedures. Clearer understanding of the role of status functions in the building of political and social ontology provides more opportunities to society members in construction of legal and legitimate social communities with less contradictory relations which drive to conflicts.